Picture updates.





Our lovely helpers.  Robin and Robert helped us move our massive wood pile before the fence needed to be put up.



Front of house and west side.





Kitchen installed.



Rear of house.

Front and east side of house


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Where are we at????

First I would like to say thanks to the new comers who have come to have a look at what we are doing over here at the homesteadingonaonedollardream, I am honored to have you interested in our journey.

No we have not disappeared we have just had a heap going on and so have not had time to update as much as I should but going to try and get a better at keeping you posted as to where we are at in our building project.  Sorry a bilt

Lets back track a few months so that I can update you on what has been happening at the homestead.  Building was progressing slowly on our house with roof going on external walls slowly being added as well as window and plaster.  We have been living in the house upstairs for around 12 months now all of us in one bedroom and we have been dry and warm which was a lovely upgrade to the caravan which is still sitting in the yard till the time we can get around to doing some repairs on it for it to go to a new home.

Around September last year we were contacted by our foster care organisation requesting our availablity to care for 2 children in the community that no one wanted to look after.  We were torn as our house is no where near completion and we did not have a fence, or electrical, plaster was a thing of being over rated and we were so far from even having a kitchen installed.  Well after much prayer we decided we would give it a go to accomplish the large list of items that foster care had left with us to do in the space of 3 weeks.  This list included items that I listed in the above and many more simple items as well.

So began 3 weeks of insane early morning late nights, 2 working bees with wonderful people volunteering their time to support us in achieving our goal.  It was hard work and exhausting physically, emotionally and mentally as some things fell into place while others seemed to be unreachable within the time frame.  We had professionals that did there work for us at a discounted price as well as professionals like our electrician and the post hole digger do there jobs FREE for us which was such a blessing.  There were so many people they gave of there time to paint, plaster being installed, weatherboards replaced, mowing, clean up, wood piles moved, build fences, provide food for us, money to support the placement and just general support and encouragement that was offered.  We were so grateful.  The 2 children did come and they were with us for around 10 weeks and it was a very challenging 10 weeks with 5 children 5 and under but we did get through it with great support from our agency and they went home on New Years Eve.  Once again we were a family of 5 and it was a nice feeling.

Once we were back to just the 5 we really decided to set ourselves some goals as we wanted to get away with the family to have some fun and reconnecting time that we all really needed, so we gave ourselves a challenge to get 2 of the kids rooms completed with plaster and paint as well as the kitchen area ready for the installation of the secondhand kitchen we purchased thanks to rapidlittlehippy who let us know that it was available.  Our motivation was a week away from building  to rejuvenate and have some fun as a family.  We got stuck into the challenge and we now have 2 kids rooms completed and the kitchen is now painted with cupboards and bench tops installed and in action. (I wanted to include pictures of our progress but I am currently in hospital battling meningitis)  Hope to be home by the end of the weekend at which time I will be able to post some pictures.

Holiday – We set off on our holiday on the 11th Jan and we had been on the road for about 2 hours when I look our the review mirror to see my worst nightmare unfolding there was smoke billowing from our camper trailer that contained all that we needed for our holiday.  Lucky for us a truck driver noticed what was happening and pulled over with a fire extinguisher and kept things at bay until the fire trucks arrived to extinguish the fire and so began a slow trip home to figure out the damage and to check on our insurance as I had only just re insured our van 3 days before we departed.  Good news is our insurance policy did pay out and our van has gone to a new home so we are now on the look out for a new one for future holidays.  What a lot has happened.

Currently we are in battle with a neighbour to get our project finished which is putting a lot of pressure on and then I go and end up in hospital to add more pressure.  We have had great help with the kids during my hospital stay as well as lovely meals from rapidlittlehippy and many prayers for my quick recovery.  We were hoping to have the butlers pantry installed on the weekend but this seems like it will not be happening this weekend but who knows miracles do and will happen.  We will keep you posted.


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Goat shed

We have in the last 6 months had  goats join our family so that we are able to provide  milk so that our boy who is allergic to cows milk can have a milk that he isn’t allergic to. As finances were  and are tight we decided to go with my brilliants wife’s idea of building a goat shed out of pallets. We collected pallets from the rubbish dump, Bunnings, and anywhere else we could find them. I had some old sheets of iron for the roof, and we got a couple of sheets of roofing iron from our neighbour across the road. We concreted the 4 corner posts into the ground to hold hold the pallets together, and stop it all blowing away in the gusty Trentham winds. We got fencing from the dump as well for the sides. We pulled apart other pallets and put these timbers across the gaps in the timber of the pallets we had stood up for walls.   I will post pictures of the goat shed when I get access to our other computer.  We were able to build the shed as to make a space for our chickens to live also.  We believe that the goat shed cost us around $50 to build.


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We have just recently disco

vered mold growing on bedding, jackets, floors and lots more in our camper van, caravan and shipping containing. I (Brian) have laid the flooring on the very top section, which will one day be the kids play ground/room in the attic. As we have a wood heater going most the time, It will be dry and warm up there and hopefully stop the spread on any more mold. So we removed lots of boxes today from the shipping container, checked for mold, found a lot of things that we haven’t seen for 12 months, and packed it back. It was a bit like Christmas. The kids found lots of toys, clothes, shoes, books, games that they haven’t seen for 12 months.Image


 We then took it up the ladder into the attic, where it will probably live for the next 12 months.


This is our very top section. It is about 1.7m high in the middle. I can just stand straight up in there and I’m not real tall. But good for store room, and later at kids play ground, and probably revert back to store room many years down the track. The big pipe is our chimney for our fireplace. It is well insulated, so you can hug it, and it won’t burn you.


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Mud Galore

Well we moved onto our block to live in a caravan with 5 of us.  Our first night in Trentham was minus 6 overnight so it was very very cold but we were toasty warm in our caravan as we had a very small area to heat. The annex of our caravan did not have a roof on it when we first moved in and all that it did was rain, so we were living in a muddy swamp without a hot shower to access and with 3 small children this made it very interesting.Image

We were wonderfully blessed with some new friends in our community that opened up there home to us as basically complete strangers to let us use their bathrooms to bath ourselves and our children.  Once again shows you the blessing of living in the country.

Here is a picture of the park that is across the road from us on one of our frosty cold mornings.


With building now started life is crazy with 3 small children living in a caravan in the middle of winter oh my what were we thinking.  Everyday is like another special blessing and getting to meet a new neighbours.  So many people come along and chat to us about what we are doing and how amazing our $1 dream will look once completed.

What amazing me the most about living in our new community is the wonderful warmth of the people that I must say makes up for the extreme cold.

As owner builders the project certainly has it’s slow points but what is wonderful is the rewards and satisfaction.  As our journey continues there are many new challenges as well as friends to meet and the openness to embrace new ideas that we would never have thought possible.  

Our children are thriving living out in the country and we feel so blessed to be given this wonderful opportunity.


This is the bearers down. August 2011.


Flooring down now we are able to go from one half of the house to the other oh what luxury. Notice my hubby even put up a small fence around the parameter to prevent children falling off the edges.  August 2011. 

Brian has been working so hard for the last month and I feel blessed to have a husband that is so hands on and has a dream.


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How our journey began…

In January 2011 we started looking for somewhere to buy for our family.  Well the house that we really like fell through so we put things on hold.  After 2 stints in hospital for Brian we decided we needed a lifestyle change for the whole family and so we started our search once again.

In May 2011 we went hunting for land and we went to one place and liked the land and the price but it still had question marks on it.  Just before we had left to go and check out the other piece of land I discovered that there was a 1/2 acre block for sale that came with a house for free in Trentham.  So we thought we would go and check it out and experience the annual Spud Fest as well.  We went and had a look at the house and it was a house that was in 2 pieces and the block was very muddy, but we could see the potential so we were very excited about the possibilities.  We drove out of Trentham saying to each other saying that this is where we would like to buy but was a little more expensive then we were hoping to pay.

The next day Brian started to make calls in regards to buying the block with the house on it.  After a lot of calls we discovered that the house had been put onto the block without permits and thus we then felt that a door had closed.  A few days later I said to Brian what if we buy another block of land in the area and buy the house from the other block.

We then decided on the block that we wanted that looks out over the park.  Brian then suggested that we offer $1 for the house on the other block of land, I must admit I did laugh at this but said well if God wants us to have the house then the seller will accept the offer.  Brian rang the real estate agent to make our offer and we were contacted back with a BIG YES.say we were excited would be an understatement.  We had a few difficulties with getting a  loan but God had that all under control.

July 11 2011 Brian’s birthday the house was moved onto our block and the process of us building began….

This is the house once it was moved onto our block with the caravan in place ready for us to move in…

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Let me introduce you to my family…

Hi everyone and thanks for coming and having a look at our journey.  We are a family of five currently living in Trentham Victoria in Australia. We have started building our dream on 1/2 an acre that started with a $1 investment (more on the $1 dream in the next post) to give our family a country lifestyle with the ability to be as self sufficient as possible.  We are on a homesteading journey that we are super excited about.

About us….

Brian is the mastermind behind most of our projects and a wonderful husband and dad.  He is the one doing the building of our home.  Brian loves the great outdoors and exploring, camping and challenging himself to go beyond what many feel impossible.  Brian enjoys clowning around doing magic and ballooning.  He has a passion for sharing Jesus and is a man seeking to follow God’s leading in all that he does.  

Then there is me Corrie-lyn, I am a wife and mum.  I love cooking especially when it comes to my thermomix.  I am just getting into bottling and canning and look forward to the journey of being able to stock pile and save as much of our home grown produce as possible.  I am starting to enjoy up-cycling old clothes into new creations, I enjoy op shopping to allow me to be kinder to the environment and creating a style all of my own.  I love being a mum though at times it is a challenge.  I look to the Proverbs 31 woman as my inspiration as to the woman I desire to be like.

Faith is our eldest and full of energetic enthusiasm for life.  Faith was our first miracle child and God took us on a journey of faith for her thus her name.  She is very active and has such a wonderful imagination and love for life.  She is a little girl who loves to learn all the time and she is growing all the time in her knowledge of God, life and everyday life skills.

Christian is our middle child who is such a blessing to our family.  He is our loud and boisterous boy who loves Thomas the tank.  He loves routine and when it comes to routine he likes for it to be the same.  He is also learning new skills all the time and continues to blow us away.

Isaac is the youngest in our family at the moment.  Isaac was a very special surprise and it has been a very interesting journey of dealing with food intolerance’s and learning what he does and doesn’t react to.  Isaac has also been a little boy who has been classed as failure to thrive at least in the Dr’s opinion but after all the test it seems he is just one super special bundle that is reaching every milestone except for height and weight in leaps and bounds.

Well that is our family and I am glad that I have got to introduce us.  My next blog with be about where the journey began….Image


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